Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 1 Results- YAY!

Week 1 has officially ended.  While not exactly "DIETING", and more of a reduction in consumption and cutting out (almost completely) of soda..  I've pulled off a 4 lb loss!  Might have been more had I not given in and eaten fried dough, burger, loaded curly fries, a few twisted teas, then birthday cake and pizza with a glass of soda... but hey, you don't get Countryfest and Natalie's birthday every day of the year!  So I'm happy with losing 4 lbs with just decreasing food and walking 30 minutes on my lunch during the week.  I'm hoping to start a slower version of C25K this week.  I haven't run since highschool, 13 YEARS AGO.  This will be interesting.

Starting Weight:  389lbs
Current Weight: 385 lbs

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